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Innovative Burg-Wächter Malaga Post Box with Solar Powered Illuminated Number

Innovative post box with solar powered illuminated number ensures your post always makes it to the correct address

The new “Malaga” post box from Burg-Wächter integrates a solar panel and LED back-lit house number to ease finding the correct house, even at night. The in-built “twilight” sensor ensures the house number is only illuminated during periods of low lighting.

Manufactured in Germany, it is available in white and silver painted galvanised steel models and a stainless steel variant. The post box features a top-opening letter flap and integrated newspaper holder beneath the box. The generous internal volume is able to accommodate a good volume of mail in a weather resistant body that meets the EN 13724 standard.

Burg-Wächter supplies the solar post box with self-adhesive house numbers and a battery. The high-quality cylinder lock includes two keys.

Galvanised steel mailbox with newspaper holder and illuminated house number
• Fully galvanised, with quality finish
• With cylinder lock and 2 keys
• Solar LED house number illumination with twilight sensor
• Including self-adhesive house numbers (3x 0-9, 1x A-F)
• 1x rechargeable battery AA (1,2 V) included

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Snap Safe Euro Cylinders
Sterling Locks have updated and improved its range of 6 pin Euro cylinders by making them “Snap Safe” and offering greater anti-drill protection. UK police forces have reported that a quarter of all burglaries involved snapping of lock cylinders, as no specialist tools or knowledge is required. Sterling has responded to this by developing an affordable solution to the problem. 
The use of an engineered shear line ensures Sterling’s cylinders will snap at a predetermined point in the event of an attack. Once snapped, the cylinder continues to keep the door locked. This further delays and deters burglars from continuing with their attack. Additional security is offered by the use of anti- drill hardened pins in the cylinder body and plug. The anti-bump design and anti-pick mushroom pins provide increased protection against picking. For added peace of mind all Snap Safe cylinders are 'Sold Secure' approved and conform to BS EN 1303:2005 Grade 5/1. Essential Security's range of Snap Safe Cylinders come in a choice of either polished brass or satin nickel finishes. The range covers popular sizes from 70mm to 100mm including offset versions for the uPVC market. The cylinders are available keyed alike or keyed to differ and can be supplied individually boxed or clam packed. Despite increasing the security features Sterling Locks has kept prices the same, which is even better news for you the customer. Add this to the extensive range of door locks from Sterling and you can see why it’s easy to keep your home secure Essential Security. 

New Weatherproof Aluminum Padlocks
The new Essential Security Aluminium weatherproof padlocks offer a superior level of corrosion resistance making them perfect for exterior use. The inherant strength of aluminium also means these locks are robust and provide good security performance. The padlock features a hardened steel chrome plated shackle, a precision brass cylinder with plug & pins for optimum performance and a protective key hole cover to reduce water ingress. The lock is fully enclosed with a colourful thermo‐plastic jacket for added water‐protection.

Size Increases
The Aluminium key operated range is also being extended to include the new 50mm aluminium which is added to the 20mm, 30mm and 40mm options. This gives a greater level of choice to users. This range is made particularly attractive with the use of a colourful outer cover. Garden security demands effective, hardworking locks, cables and chains and this new aluminium padlock fits in perfectly as an ideal garden solution. Attractive but strong and durable, it’s no suprise the growing range of Sterling aluminium padlocks is attracting considerable attention. 

Safe Cans
In recent years, the number of security log‐ ins required for every day life has escalated.  From online shops to social media sites and laptops to mobile phones, they all need one and experts recommend a different password for each.  They also recommend these are not stored on the PC or mobile phone.  Few people have the memory power to recall each one without writing them down.  As a result the range of Safecans available from Essential Security is ever growing as they are increasingly used as the perfect place to hide coded lists of passwords and valuable items.   Sterling Locks SafeCan: Password Secure SafeCans are an exact imitation of every day top branded items  ‐ such as a can of Heinz Baked Beans.  However, instead of beans, they have a secret storage area for keys, cards, or cash and increasingly, passwords.   They’re a great gift for students to store back‐up keys, credit cards or cash in their digs.   The De‐Icer SafeCan is ideal for storing spare keys in garages or sheds, while you can hide valuables in plain sight in the Heinz Tomato Soup SafeCan stored alongside other groceries in a food cupboard.

Home and Garden Security
Essential Security has a vast range of padlocks, chains, locking cables, security anchors and post boxes for every security requirement within your home and garden. Suitable for gardeners wanting to secure not just access to the garden, but key hotspots such as sheds, courtyards and patios. Combining Simplicity with Security, Sterling Locks award winning combination bolt offers a secure solution for sheds, gates, garages or outhouses. It’s easy to fit and the code can be shared with anyone who is allowed in. For customers preferring more traditional security products, Sterling produces a range of weatherproof padlocks, hasps and staples. Essential security also have a vast range of locks and security anchors to secure those larger garden items such as patio furniture, barbeques and space heaters which are all valuable key elements of the summer garden kit. As summer turns to autumn, these expensive items are often left in situ and unsecured. Essential Security's range of ground or wall anchors are ideal for garden security as they allow items to be locked up even when they are left outside or stored inside sheds. Available in a range of brightly coloured locking cables plus a selection of high quality, good value padlocks. A choice of keyed and combination locks ensure every type of customer's requirements can be satisfied, from those who like keys to those who prefer codes. Post boxes grow in popularity as demand for secure post boxes has increased as access to and use of door-mounted post slots declines. The Essential Security range of postboxes is broad offering a huge choice such as Stainless Steel, High quality plastic, rear mail retrieval to name but a few, all of which come in a wide variety of styles and sizes and are priced competitively.